Our experienced drivers know their stuff.

Ivens Transport & Kraanbedrijf nv offers various crane trucks (trucks and tractors), tailored to various activities.

The crane trucks have the great advantage that we can load, unload and transport the goods independently of the available unloading or loading facilities. In addition, we can load and unload over obstacles.

The smaller crane trucks are our flexible solution for site equipment and deliveries: compressors, building materials, small containers, etc. They are also suitable for delivery to private individuals to deliver wooden building kits, a jacuzzi, building materials, and so on.

For heavier work, such as site sheds, site containers, tower cranes with ballast, etc., our heavy crane trucks get the job done.

The trump card in all of this is always our people: their experience in all possible situations guarantees safe and careful handling of your goods and a care-free completion of the assignment. Your goods in good hands: that’s what they stand for.


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