Size is of no importance,

but safety and quality are. As the leading tank construction company in western Europe, we offer the best design for small, large and ultra-large tanks for the storage of gases and liquids, chemicals, fuels, oils (vegetable, lubricating, etc.), and so on. Our tanks are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex or high-quality alloys. We take care of the entire process, from the initial design phase to completion.

As a customer you can choose between:

Shop-fabricated: We transport the finished tank to your site, install it and make your installation ready for use. By performing all the steps ourselves, we can be sure that everything is delivered perfectly.
On-site construction: We build your tanks on site with our own resources and materials according to your specific wishes
Knocked down: a complete tank in parts.

At Ivens we do not compromise on quality and safety. . We use only the best techniques with the best materials. We are known for our expertise, nationally and internationally.

Supplied and installed ready to use
up to 25 m diameter or +/- 6,000 m³
construction complete in 1 piece in our workshops
tanks leave our premises ready to use
water transport from our own quays
transport organisation to final destination, including installation
delivery worldwide
completely care-free
minimum interference with other work or operations

On site construction
any volume, any size
own security access system
high quality level
own prefabrication methods and machinery
own transport facilities
own construction teams
more than 85 years’ know-how and dedicated experience
optimised welding methods
high level of service

Knocked down: delivered as completed construction kit
engineering and detailed drawings
prefabrication of all tank parts
seaworthy packaging
possibility of transport to the site by means of standard freight load
tank parts delivered in different packs
down to the smallest details, including bolts, welding electrodes, etc.
possibility of on site assistance during assembly
distance is not an obstacle, deliveries worldwide
Ivens has already supplied storage tanks in more than 40 countries