Time doesn’t stand still

Even the very best tanks will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Tank bottoms, walls and even roofs can be affected by corrosion from inside or outside. It is better to prevent this than to repair existing leaks. At Ivens we offer a solution that is based on years of experience, knowledge and competence. We specialise in the renovation and maintenance of all types of storage tank. Our expertise is ecologically and economically sound. We provide fast and detailed work: neither the environment nor your commercial activities will be affected.

Because we all know that time is money…


We offer you

  • jacking of tanks;
  • bottom renovation or complete refurbishment;
  • repair of foundation or complete refurbishment of tank foundation;
  • all mechanical repairs;
  • reconstruction or repair of floating roofs;
  • replacement of seals;
  • refurbishment of cover plates;
  • renovation of pipelines;
  • cleaning;
  • painting of tanks;
  • relocation of tanks using SPMTs.