In 1979 the purebred Ivens family business moved to the port of Antwerp. Our growth as a company matched the development of the port. But our goal has always remained the same:  to run a stable family business.

The production of storage tanks in all sizes and dimensions – from small through large to larger and largest – is the absolute core business of Ivens. We design, manufacture, transport and install the most modern tanks for the storage of your chemicals and fuels, in carbon steel, stainless steel or duplex.

Ivens can proudly look back on successful projects, thanks to all our customers and the trust placed in us. We continue to grow, on our way to discovering new horizons. The success story is far from over!

We invite you to discover the full story of Ivens on our website, our history to this day, and what the future can offer us together.

Think Tank is our motto!